“Aiden Powers is the one who developed this program. He is a skilled numerologist and he has made a good name in the field of numerology in the last few years because of his impeccable understanding of numerology and because of the huge number of people whom he has helped by his knowledge of numerology. He has written a number of books about numerology..” bla bla… only this kind of information you can find about Aiden Powers. Does Aiden Powers really exist? Do you agree that a famous numerologist should be represented on social networks? Read the next paragraph please.

Aiden Powers in Social Media – NOT FOUND

Unfortunately, we were not able to find any profile in the social media, contact information or written book. Here are some search results from twitter, google, fb and youtube: FB, twitter, youtube.

Introduction Letter From The Official Website

But here is what they write on the official website:
I am just like everyone else. I grew up in a small family, spent my days playing with the other kids, and pretty much had a fun childhood. But even then I was interested in numbers. I felt fascinated by the hidden meaning behind number’s symbolism and how much these numbers can tell.

As I got older, that fascination grew and I immersed myself in numerology. But as interested as I was in the science of it all, I also knew that the numbers held secrets that were much more magical than what the science could offer. There was something more, I thought, and I was determined to find it.

It wasn’t long before my studies expanded to include both numerology and quantum physics, and I quickly became intrigued by the idea that our destinies weren’t merely the result of fate or chance, but rather, have a tight connection with numbers. Even more exciting was the realization that the Universe had left us clues along the way… clues that would allow us to decipher the riddles and create with purpose…

The numbers held magic after all.

This insight led me to explore a variety of metaphysical studies, opening an array of opportunities that allow me to use the knowledge that I’ve gained to help others find their true purpose, just as I found mine.

Of course, the invention of the internet made this task much easier and by creating this website, I’m now able to share these wonderful discoveries with you.

Of course, with growth comes change. My image and name have been changed on the site to protect my identity – I work with 100% dedication to creating quality numerology products and services for clients all around the world. I create and craft these readings personally to ensure that the information you’ll receive is rooted in both numerology and widely accepted personal development teachings, and all of our products and services are created by professional and experienced numerologists. Using this combination of numerology and self-improvement teachings, we’ve been able to help thousands of people realize their true potential and realign their actions with their True Purpose!

Yours Truly,
Aiden Powers

Our Conclusion

 I don’t belive Aiden Power is real person.  Looks like this photo was taken from image stocks. Check the review on Royal Numerology.
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3 Replies to “Who Is Aiden Powers? Does It Real Person?”

  1. DC says:

    Does anyone know the official site of Aiden?

    1. Paula says:

      I did not find. Only facebook groups related to royal numerology service.

  2. Barbara says:

    Yes, I also looked for the profile of this person. Missing. I think this is a stub, and at best there is a beginner numerologist. Nevertheless, I note that the reports are worthy of attention.

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